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For most people, the orderly nature of a balanced table implies an orderly site that is really welcome, particularly if the images linking to a Category are clear and the alt tag text says what it is linking to.

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Administer, author, and browse - Frontpage - Office. com Manage your Web server security with Microsoft FrontPage. The Internet may be the vanguard of technology, but when it comes to online protection, many businesses might as well be in the Stone Age. It's surprisingly easy for hackers to download customer information, sabotage your systems, or even infiltrate your company's internal networks—unless you take the proper steps to help protect yourself. To help, Microsoft has published the FrontPage FAQ - NetNation Web Hosting to help customers understand the core elements of a security strategy. The great value of the Internet is that it is a wide area network (WAN) that connects together a multitude of computers and networks across the world. This is also the greatest security risk to the internal networks of small businesses. The Internet is not only a way for network users to access outside information; it is also an avenue through which data stored on network computers is exposed to other devices that are connected to the Internet.

  • Hosting Web sites, even on an intranet, opens your host computer to a wider community of users.
  • Security is a critical area that every Webmaster and Web publisher should understand. Whether you’re creating a Web site for your corporate intranet, an extranet, or the Internet, you need proper security controls in place.
  • Rugged K80 18 mil PVC construction covered with tough 400 denier nylon
  • Security controls help manage who can access the Web server and what permissions they have when they do.
  • Fortunately, Microsoft FrontPage 2002 has built-in security features that can assist you in deploying a security-enhanced Web site.
  • FrontPage addresses security issues by using the built-in security mechanisms of the host computer.
  • Easy ingress-egress with included safety grip handle
  • Automatic 24 hr circulation/filtration pump included
  • Using FrontPage Server Extensions requires no changes to the host computer's security method.
  • You do not have to recompile any Web server programs, and there are no custom filters or other security modifications. FrontPage security provides the top-level security control for anyone accessing, authoring, or administering a FrontPage Web site.
  • If users pass through this layer of security, they are still subject to Web server and operating system security controls.
  • Fortunately, if you work with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), the Web server built into the Windows® 2000 Server operating system, you’ll find that Web server and operating system security have been closely integrated in many different areas.
  • US based warranty: 12 month limited on all components
  • MFG Brand Name : Spa2Go
  • MFG Model # : STG-1
  • MFG Part # : STG-1


Air flow control system  Yes  You can help maintain security at the FrontPage level through FrontPage Server Extensions; therefore, this article does not discuss operating system security or Web server security in detail. Instead it focuses on FrontPage-specific security features.
You can use FrontPage to help control roles and user access to your FrontPage Webs or subwebs only if you have installed or upgraded SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft or FrontPage Server Extensions on your Web server. The typical permissions you can assign include the ability to view content (Browse), publish Web pages (Author), and administer the Web site (Administer). But are those enough? For more details about these categories, see Top tips for FrontPage - Frontpage - 82 in 
Built-in lighting  No  Color  Blue 
Color Family  Blue/Purple  When you install SharePoint Team Services or FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions, HTML Administration pages are installed on an administration port. 15 
Heater wattage (kW)  1000  Indoor/Outdoor  Indoor/Outdoor 
Inflatable  Yes  Interior Length  58 in 
You can launch the administration screens at any time from the Server Extensions Administrator or the Internet Services Manager. 28  To administer FrontPage Server Extensions from IIS: Open IIS and expand the console tree until you see your Web site, typically called Default Web Site. 58 
Manufacturer Warranty  1 year limited parts and labor  Maximum occupancy 
Number of Jets  127  Right-click your Web site and choose Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Server Extensions 2002 tab. 28 
When you click the Settings button, you’ll be taken to the Web-based administration pages that will allow you to manage various settings for your Web site, including users, roles, and rights. 82 in  Alternately, you can access these pages by opening your browser and typing http://servername:port/fpadmdll. 69 
dll (typically port 8947). In addition to the predefined FrontPage roles, you can create your own roles and assign a list of available rights for a role to an individual user. 82  Returnable  90-Day 
Sound system  No  Spa material  Vinyl 
Voltage (volts)  110 V  Water capacity (gallons)  250 
Water pump horsepower (hp)  You can get to this screen from the main Server Administration page that appears when you administer the FrontPage Server Extensions from IIS or by typing (typically port 8000 or 8947) in your browser.


Users can be assigned to groups with various permissions (on Web servers running Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions or earlier) or assigned roles with varying degrees of access to the site (on Web servers running FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from Microsoft or SharePoint Team Services).
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You can create accounts that allow access to the Web site only, or you can use existing network server or domain accounts.
Subwebs    A sub-web is a complete Web site located in a subfolder of the root Web site or another subweb.
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Just like a root Web site, a subweb is based on SharePoint Team Services or FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from Microsoft.
Subwebs can be used to manage the folder structure of the files in your Web site and set limitations on who can access those files.
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Each subweb can be maintained by a different owner and have separate security settings from the parent Web site. Source control    FrontPage provides built-in source control that helps protect the file so that only one person at a time can edit a file. You can enable source control if you have administrator privileges and your Web server is running FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Team Services. Although you can use FrontPage to provide different levels of security, Web server and operating system security often come into play in determining which users have access to the server and what rights they have.
Will FrontPage alone ensure that your server is secure?
No. In addition to FrontPage security, it’s important to look at all the different aspects of network and server security— such as firewalls, virus protection, and the latest security patches and server updates—to help protect your Web site and your company’s data.
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A good place to start is to sign up for the Joomla! • View topic - JomSocial - edit front page so you’ll always have the latest information about potential security threats, available patches, virus alerts, and informative articles on security strategies.
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David Berry has an extensive background in technical and IT skills, Web site design work, application development, and technical support with over 17 years of diverse experience with government and federal agencies as well as competitive business markets.
He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and has been a Microsoft FrontPage Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999.
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David co-authored Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Unleashed, Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Unleashed, and Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Unleashed.
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© 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Top tips for FrontPage - Frontpage - Office.
com If you ever wished you had a FrontPage expert at your shoulder while you work, always ready with great tips and tricks, you might want to bookmark this page, because we will add new tips as time goes on.
To preview an unopened file in a browser, in the Folder List select the file and then press F12.
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PostedJune 13, 2011
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To edit the linked cascading style sheet of a document, on the Format menu, click Style Sheet Links, select the style sheet, and then click Edit. Tired of copying and pasting HTML code?
Use FrontPage code snippets instead.
On the Tools menu, click Page Options, click the Code Snippets tab, and then click Add.
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To display a list of code snippets in Code view, press CTRL+ENTER.
To select an entire tag that contains all content in Code view, press CTRL+SHIFT+COLON (:).
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To find the corresponding header or end tag in Code view, press CTRL+SEMICOLON (;). To display the Quick Tag Editor in Code view, press CTRL+Q. To display the Microsoft Script Editor, press SHIFT+ALT+F11. To display the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor, press ALT+F11. To display, edit, or run macros in Code view, press ALT+F8. To find HTML code for a page element, such as text, an image, a table row, or another item in Code view, in Page view, click Design and then select the page element.
When you switch back to Code view, the HTML code for the page element is also selected.
When in Split view, to apply changes you made in Code view to Design view, press F5.
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Downloadable PDFs

To display or hide HTML tags in Design view, press CTRL+/. To switch among open Web pages in a site, press CTRL+TAB.
To show or hide the Folder List, press ALT+F1. When you use the Tracing Image feature to design a Web page, we recommend that you wait until you are finished tracing the image to apply background colors.



After you apply a background color, you will not be able to see the tracing image. To share a Web Part with a colleague, save it to a file by doing the following: On the Tools menu, click Save Web Part to.


To edit the data source queries shown in the data source catalog, browse to the _fpdatasources directory and edit the corresponding .

xml file. To avoid breaking the hyperlinks when you move a Web site from one computer to another, use the Web Packages feature.

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